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The world of sporting events is continually expanding. Every day is more necessary the use of tools that support the control of the tests and ensure the safety of each of the participants who take the start.

Trileuco Solutions is a prestigious Galician company that has a platform for sporting events called Tracktherace.

Track the Race
Track the Race

Its main functionality is a complete GPS tracking system that allows each participant to be located throughout the course of a test.

Each participant must carry a GSM/GPS tracking device, which making use of telephone networks, will be continuously informing of their location, allowing to build a map view where it will be known at what point of the route each participant is at all times.

Así lo vivimos en el 2018
This is how we live it in 2018

This race view can be consulted from any device with Internet connection, both during the test, as making a reproduction of it once finished.

The benefits it brings to any outdoor event are:

  1. It allows to know at any time the head or tail of the race.
  2. In the event of an emergency, it allows you to know the exact location of a participant.
  3. It allows to detect if any participant is leaving the route defined by the organization.
  4. It can help to plan the installation or dismantling of provisions.
  5. It allows family or friends to know the evolution of their participants.
  6. Allows the installation of a reproduction station in the goal zone to broadcast the test.
  7. Guarantees a great diffusion of the test by making known through the Internet situations that otherwise only participants would know.
Usage infographics
Usage infographics

The GPS device has very small dimensions (70 mm * 40 mm * 25 mm) and a weight of about 60 gr.

This device will be given to each participant at the beginning of each stage and must be returned at the end of each of them.

To get an idea of its potential we encourage you to visit this link. There you will be able to check its operation and analyze how the event was developed in the past year 2018 under the name Ultra Trail Costa da Morte.

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