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The Grand Trail Costa da Morte is a long-distance trail running event divided into two modalities: 7 stages and 3 stages.

There are many Ultras and we want to do something totally different. For some time now there have been stage tests. Years ago the legendary Marathon des Sables, Transalpine Run, El Cruce Columbia, Everest Trail Race and others were born. In Spain this modality has arrived a few years ago and tests such as Riaño Trail Run, Ultra Trail Sanabria by Stages, TrasHumanTrail, Eurafrica Trail, Half MDS Fuerteventura, 3 Days Ibiza Trail, Pyrenees Stage Run, Al Andalus Ultimate Trail, Volcano Ultra Marathon, … are sources of inspiration for our project.

Their costs and logistics discourage, in many cases, the participation and their organization. A project of these characteristics escapes sports and for its success the support of institutions, local, provincial and regional as well as the citizens of the region of influence and the business fabric will be essential to put A Costa da Morte in the circuits of so-called sports tourism.

We understand that A Costa da Morte is a privileged place to celebrate an event of these characteristics and that is why we embark on this project to show you the excellence of these lands.

We want you to enjoy this sport that we are so passionate about without ever neglecting the services that an event of this calibre should have. For it we present two packages according to your necessities.

Participation is open to trail runners from around the world, with room for both local participants and participants from anywhere in the world.

We want to create from the first moment a family atmosphere and camaraderie among all members of the event. For them we invite you to participate in the dinners of each stage. In them the briefing of each stage will be celebrated, images of each day will be shown and, most importantly, we will get to know each other and share unforgettable moments.

Of vital importance will be that the organization receives daily feedback from you, the protagonists. Any improvement that adds value to the event will be taken into account for immediate or subsequent analysis.

There will be 3 or 7 stages with different difficulties, sensations and landscapes. A whole experience that you can enjoy individually or in teams of 2 people.

Your family can accompany you. It will be time to return the effort that loved ones make while preparing a test or go out to compete.

The route will unite existing routes that form the backbone of the Costa da Morte. Forest tracks, trails, mountains, beaches, villages and seaside towns make up an attractive route for every sportsman and nature lover.

In order to minimise the possible risks inherent in any outdoor sport, the Organisation will ensure safety. It will be a maxim that requires commitment on both sides but that will benefit the participants.

The test can be followed through the internet. Your family and friends will be able to know at any time your location and classification as you advance.

The afternoons will be to enjoy with your families; to make a little tourism, to rest, to fraternize,…

This event is from and for the entire Costa da Morte. We will count with companies of the zone to take care of the necessary services of this event. We want this event to be a dynamic source in the region.

In short, if you want to enjoy your sport for 3 or 7 days while you discover a beautiful unknown territory in the company of your loved ones, while you meet other participants, this is the challenge we propose.

We welcome you and await you with open arms.

Do you love nature?
Do you practice trail running ?.

Would you like to know a whole region with a lot of history, dreamy landscapes, fishing villages, lost beaches, cliffs of vertigo, good gastronomy and friendly people; while practicing your favorite sport?

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