In any sporting event, safety is one of the most important pillars to bear in mind for its success.

The Organization will have a security plan in order to correct any incident that may occur during the test.

We will have civil liability insurance and accident insurance with wide coverage.

We will have medical ambulances with qualified personnel throughout each stage to deal with any contingency.

There will also be a physiotherapy and podiatry service to attend you in case of need.

We will count on the estimable collaboration of the local groups of Civil Protection that will be dispersed in each stage to safeguard your physical integrity.

Safety in urban areas and road junctions will be coordinated with the competent authority (Local Police or Directorate General of Traffic).

We will have a team of volunteers who will come willing to help and correct any incident that may arise.

Finally, let us remind you that safety is everyone’s business. Remind you that you as a participant are also part of the security device. By being aware of the basic rules of personal safety in the natural environment and complying with the regulations regarding obligatory material and how to act in emergency situations we will minimize the risks and we will all enjoy the event. Help us to achieve it!

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