Material tips

In addition to the Organization providing the necessary security means, it is necessary for each participant to carry personal material that can help him or her in emergency situations that cannot be urgently remedied by the means adopted and that are inherent in an ultra-distance test.

The material that should be carried by each runner at each stage is classified into compulsory material and recommended material.


  1. Footwear suitable for the terrain on which the GTCM® 2019 is developed: beaches, trails, forest tracks, cliffs, rocks, steep slopes, …
  2. Adequate technical clothing to face possible adverse coastal and medium mountain conditions (strong wind, rain, cold, fog, …).
  3. Glass or container for liquid refreshment (for reasons of eco-responsibility in the refreshment posts will not be provided glasses for the replacement of liquids).
  4. Thermal blanket.
  5. Sufficient food reserve (minimum 200 calories at the start of each stage) to cope with unforeseen conditions and bearing in mind that the test is carried out in semi-autonomous conditions.
  6. Whistle. It will be valid the one that usually comes with the hydration backpacks as long as it works correctly.
  7. Identification document (ID).
  8. Dorsal provided by the organization.
  9. Tracker provided by the Organization.
  10. GPS device with the track of each stage and the battery charged at the exit of each stage.
  11. Route map and profile of each stage provided by the organization.
  12. Mobile phone with the battery charged at the exit of each stage and switched on throughout the test.
  13. Auxiliary mobile phone battery or portable battery charger. You must bear in mind that in cold conditions the battery life decreases.
  14. Small first aid kit with material to heal small wounds and scratches.
  15. The organization reserves the right to eliminate the obligatory nature of any element of the previous list if the integrity and security of all participants is reliably assured.

Controls of obligatory material will be carried out at the beginning and in some points of each stage.

The lack of any compulsory element will imply a time sanction or, if it is reiterated, a disqualification.


  1. Walking sticks.
  2. Potabilizing tablets in case it is necessary to take water in public fountains whose potability escapes the control of the Organization.
  3. Gloves, panties and cap in case of wind and cold.
  4. Spare battery or portable charger for mobile phone and GPS.
  5. Sun cream.
  6. Anti-friction cream.
  7. Sunglasses.
  8. Cash (20 € per stage) in case of emergency.
  9. The lack of any recommended element will NOT result in time penalty or disqualification.

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