From A. D. Costa da Morte Outdoor Sports would like, first of all, to wish you and your family good health.

These are very turbulent times at a global level and we cannot stop thinking about all those citizens of the world who have unfortunately been defeated by the COVID-19. From here we want to extend our deepest sympathy to all your families and friends. May they rest in peace.

We are grateful for the work that is being done by all those involved in taking care of our health and ensuring that we do not lack anything in our homes, not to mention the bodies that look after our safety. To all of them we convey our sincere thanks.

Sport is joy, it is freedom, it is health, it is fun, it is a meeting place, it is synergy between different economic sectors, it is the opportunity to get to know territories. But we must be aware that a trail running competition is entertainment.

This pandemic has changed our lives at all levels. We cannot forget all those who have lost their jobs or those entrepreneurs who have been forced to close their businesses indefinitely. To all of them we send our support.

We are on our way to begin a slow return to our lives but we all need to know that we will not return to our lives before COVID-19, at least not until there is a vaccine.

As the weeks go by, a little more light is shed, but there are still many unknowns without a concise answer today.

On the social side:

  • What will our interpersonal relationships be like from now on?
  • How will our movements between countries be?
  • How will transport, accommodation and hotel services be in the future?
  • What will happen to those who have lost their jobs or those employers who have had to close their doors?

In the context of A Costa da Morte:

  • How to interact with the local population when a high percentage is elderly, with pathologies incompatible with the pandemic?
  • In what situation will the economy be in an emigrant region that lives primarily from fishing, shellfish, livestock and seemed to regain momentum with interesting projects related to tourism?

From the point of view of the participants:

  • What will be the state of mind of the corridor concerned with the problems arising from the pandemic?
  • How will the lack of training and adequate preparation for participating in a stage-by-stage race affect it?.
  • How will the lack of training and adequate preparation for participating in a stage-by-stage race affect it?.

And already thinking about the sports event:

  • What more will be required of us organizations in order to organize a sporting event in a natural environment?.
  • What further investments will we have to make in security measures to gain the confidence of the participants?.
  • How should we organize the event to carry it out with the maximum security?.
  • How can we count on public and private economic support when there are important needs in other sectors of society?.

All these questions have been given a lot of thought these past few weeks. The decision taken, although complicated, we believe is the most sensible: CANCEL THE 2020 EDITION.

It hurts us because many of you have contacted us to see when we would open registrations but we cannot let ourselves be carried away by our hearts. We truly apologize.

This is not a goodbye, it is a vertical kilometer that has been placed in the middle of our route and once we have reached the top it will allow us to continue facing the finish line. We will continue to work with enthusiasm and study new opportunities that the current situation presents to us.

Hoping to be able to announce the dates of the 2021 edition as soon as possible, we send you an affectionate greeting and much encouragement to overcome the collateral damage that the COVID-19 is leaving in our lives.

A.D. Costa da Morte Outdoor Sports

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