Grand Trail
Costa da Morte

3 etapas

14-20 Set 2019

7 etapas


UTCM® 1st edition 2018

 In 2016 a group of friends, practitioners of different sports in the framework of nature, decided to embark on a project that resulted in the Ultra Trail Costa da Morte held between 15 and 21 September 2018. This group of friends was joined by more people to support...

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Salida de Caión


Discover coastal Galicia

Galicia is a Spanish region located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It consists of 4 provinces: A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra. Its capital is located in Santiago de Compostela, in whose cathedral rest the remains of the Apostle Santiago and where every year tens of thousands...

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Localización de Galicia





Do you love nature?
Do you practice trail running?

Would you like to know a whole region with a lot of history, dreamy landscapes, fishing villages, lost beaches, cliffs of vertigo, good gastronomy and friendly people; while practicing your favorite sport?

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Runners Companions Volunteers

“The beauty of its landscapes and its technicality will surprise many people.”

Diego Pazos

Diego Pazos

Elite Athlete Compressport

“Very hard test, up and down; where silence would stand out. Wild!.”

Giulio Magnasco

Giulio Magnasco Tabacchi

Youtuber and sports enthusiast

“Beauty, hardness and many miles. Another way to know Galicia.”

Iñigo García

Iñigo García Charterina

Young promise from the Basque Country

“Atlantic coast with technical trails and strong climbs. Costa da Morte!.”


F. J. González

A Costa da Morte Athlete

Technical sponsor

Tuga Active Wear

Institutional support

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